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    Find out some useful advices that shall help you control more effectively your weight or keep it after the surgery.

    • It is important to eat every 3 hours in order to increase metabolism. Some people think it has a better effect to avoid some meals like breakfast but they are achieving to slow down its organism. Recent studies report that people not taking their breakfast have 30% more possibilities to be obese in the future, suffer coronary diseases and acquire high levels of triglycerides.
    • Intermediate meals should be small portions and always including some protein (cheese, ham, tuna, etc.)
    • Drink plentiful of liquids, ideally 6 to 8 glasses of water per day as this would also increase your metabolism.
    • Remember fruits are indispensable in a healthy diet. They provide fiber and vitamins, but also in excess they end accumulating fat. The best is to eat them in the morning and try to avoid the sweetest ones (grapes, apples, pears, banana. mango), the least sweet are: strawberry, kiwi, red-berries.
    • The best is to eat the whole fruit ant not in juice, as having more fiber makes it more difficult to absorb the sugar.
    • Metabolism slows down from 5 PM, so food eaten from that hour delays more in metabolizing and has more option to accumulate as fat deposits. For this reason, after this hour, you should avoid carbohydrates (sweets, starchy or fruits).
    • Increase fiber consumption as this allows a more rapid digestion of food and less absorption of it.
    • Carbohydrates are divided in complex (plantain, rice, potato etc.) and simples (refined sugars), ideally, avoid at most simples as they accumulate easier.
    • Did you know the best complex carbohydrate is plantain? Retains less water, so is an ideal starch to eat at lunch (you could eat up to half plantain).
    • Increase consumption of fresh vegetables and salads that would allow you to reach more rapidly the feeling of fullness.
    • In each meal is important to stop before felling “full”. In the moment you feel it and continue eating, you are allowing your stomach to strain a little bit more and you shall need more food to feel fine.
    • Avoid adding sugar to juices or coffees. If you really need it, use sweeteners.
    • It is necessary to eat low in salt, as this also retains water and makes difficult to reduce weight.
    • There exist a false believe that at night is better to not eat but this is erroneous. The only truth is that you have to avoid going to be in the following hour that you have eaten. Night’s meal shall follow the rule of eating every 3 hours. The important matter is to only eat proteins and vegetables or salads. Remember that while you are sleeping your body remains in fasting at least during 6 to 8 hours. If you also add the night period of not eating, your fasting shall be a very long one for your organism and therefore as we mentioned it before, your metabolism slows down.
    • Avoid soft drinks although there is the option of Light. These are not quite absorbed by the intestine and besides they are related with cellulitis manifestation.
    • The most important thing you shall remember is to go along with your healthy diet a scheme of exercise to increase calories burning.