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  • Ruth Lorenzo – singer

    I have had the great pleasure of working with Luisa. She is not only a great professional admired by all her colleagues and with a human quality hard to find in the “beauty business”. But she will advise you in what is truly necessary with an honest and truthful opinion of what needs to be done. Trust and truth is the key of working with someone towards being better you. Always confining that natural beauty is the way forward to feeling great about yourself. And that there is no short cuts or easy ways to get there, that is why Luisa is the best at what she does and to me the only one.

  • María Sepulveda


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    Maria Sepulveda is a housewife in Bogota city
  • Margarita Reyes


    Before going to Luisa Plata, I felt very bad with the surgeries I’d had done prior. Surgeons who had botched up some things, particularly my breasts which very large and hurting me, as larger implants than those I’d requested had been inserted resulting aesthetically ugly. This also affected me emotionally, so I started asking around about a surgeon who could be recommended. Then a few days later I was introduced to Luisa Plata, and as soon as I met her I felt safe and calm as I realized how professional she was, not to mention honest, beautiful and friendly. So without more ado I decided Luisa would be the one to do my breast reduction and reconstruction operation. I’m very happy now that my back no longer aches and clothes look much better on me. I also feel prettier, more attractive and satisfied as a result of going to an excellent surgeon. Since not only is Luisa a very good surgeon, but she’s also become a good friend.
    Margarita Reyes – Actress