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Factors of Platelety Growing : Auto logo Plasma with FC

The ageing, inexorable process produced as the time pass, leave on the skin visible marks by the cell damage. The signs of the lost of youth produced a brightness decrease, the shining and smoothness of skin and the lack of tone as well, the origin of the fist wrinkles and the flabbiness of the tissues.

The last technique of skin rejuvenation is in the interior of the organism of each person, exactly in a fraction of the blood more specifically in the platelets, which have the growing factors: peptides or protean fragments biologically active, secrete by all cells of the organism but that are storage in more quantity in the platelets, fibroblast, salivary glands, osteoblast, tears and kidneys.

Plasma biologico

Normally are active when an injury is produced regenerating the damage tissue, either skin or subcutaneous cell tissue, bone or other structures of the organism. Its production and activation decrease as the time pass.

This way, the growing factors regulate the skin rejuvenation. Therefore, they are an important factor on the aspect of it. They allow a faster regeneration and of better quality on the damaged conjunctive tissues. After an injury as it can be a peeling with a diamond point or with acids ( glycolic acid, tricloroacetic, fenol, etc.). The epidermis can be naturally reconstructed through physiological processes of redesign or scar healing or more effectively with the plasma injection enriched with carrying platelets of growing.

It has been proved that the topical use or the subcutaneous injection of FCE produces strong changes on old skin, restore the skin vitality, increase its thickness, recover the elastic consistency, make better the vascular volume, stimulating the secretions and increasing the smoothness and skin appearance.


Patient blood is drawn and it is centrifuged, getting the separation of the plasma and the rest of the blood. The plasma rich in FC is injected again to the patient through mesotherapy or subcutaneous injections so they can´t be rejected because they belong to the same patient.

The use of PRP allows us , therefore, a treatment with the tissues of the same patient (centrifuged blood) . It is practically exempt from risks, without neither adverse reactions nor toxic effects and it can be performed as state-run surgery.

Injecting in the more flaccid zones of face and neck stimulating the production of collagen, elastin and hialuronis acid, getting as a result a young , smooth and bright skin ,and with better quality.


Some of the results got after being through this treatment are: brightness, tone and smoothness of the skin that are evident from the moment they are injected and they get better in the appearance as the time pass until the third month. Time that is required for the organism to assimilate the new regenerating proteins and its result can take about a year.

This treatment is recommended since you are thirty years old, age when the skin starts losing the regeneration power or just when the signs of ageing are visible of by stress, over sun exposure or just by the lack of daily care ( cleanliness, hydration, exfoliation), or when the skin is exposed to cigar smoke.

As all procedures, they should be performed by a suitable professional, and with the aseptic care corresponding to the technique.

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